Mini Chart and 2011 Report

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Mini Chart and 2011 Report

Post  SENNA on Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:13 am

Web updated

Andy and Darren are the Mini kings at the moment but with new drivers in the new year this could all change.

Most improved driver this year is Wayne Laker who has 2 Mini wins and is not far off the 2 leaders.

Keith Clifford seems to be the Mini B final king at the moment with Laurie Dodson.

Andy Trigger Ding Dong Bell is the most improved Touring car driver his Lap times are getting quicker just needs to keep on top of his car and it will be better still.

As for the Minis if you want to catch the Top two guys you better get on top of the car setup
and Tyres it makes all the difference as they will tell you. study

I will Start a new Mini Chart next week.

There is my end of year report you all did well some of you away.

keep up the Good Racing.

Happy New Year cheers


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