complete balls up 2 !!!!

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complete balls up 2 !!!!

Post  PLT3 on Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:13 pm

There is no need to appologise i had some questions that i wanted answering and you have kindly answered them thank you for your promt response may i take this oppotunity to thank you and your dad for the time effort and money that you have generously given to the club without this enormous effort by you both there would be no club thank you again you do a good job! I too enjoy fridays, meeting everybody and having fun doing a hobby that we all love, We have a good bunch of lads and when i have had a prolem with my car there is never a shortage of help and good advice to get me going again thank you all, i did not realise that the club was run on a shoe string now i am even more amazed at the size of the A finals trophys they should have all been the same at the end of the day its the running of the club that matters, may i suggest a donation box and a increase in the fee for racing on the night i for one would not mind a slight increase in the fee if it helped with the general running of the club and it ment that there was enough money for trophys for all seasons. Reguarding the issue about putting the track away at the end of the night may i suggest that it be a rule that if you race you help put the track away so it is not left to the same old faces


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complete balls up2

Post  xrayt2009 on Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:20 pm

Good i am glad that is sorted.

see you all Friday for more crashing & swearing.



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