Vids from 2nd Nov

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Vids from 2nd Nov

Post  crazybrit123 on Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:39 am

Final Vids can be found at the below YouTube address's.
Mini A
Mini B
Mini C
Mini D

The last couple of weeks have seen new faces and it's been a great atmosphere.
The Club must be doing something right.
I think we will be putting some interim things in over the next few weeks to take us to the new year and the start of the new 14 week Championship.
If any of you think we should be trying something different, now is the time to say something, so we can possibly try it.
This doesn't mean we will be doing it but at least we know what the Club is feeling.
You never know, what your thinking might just be what the Racers want to do.
Some could say if it an't broken you don't need to fix it. I say, it keeps us forward thinking and on our toes.
Lets keep talking NEW……...
Keep it up chaps.

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