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Capel RC Shirts

Post  crazybrit123 on Fri Nov 30, 2012 11:55 am

So , as the title says I will be putting together an order for the
Capel RC Car club
Shirts. These can be Hoddy, T or Polo.
All shirts will h
They will be Dark Blue in colour and have the Capel RC Car Club logo embroidered over the left brest in white.
It will also have the CRAZYBRIT123 embroidered on the right sleeve.
Costing will be around,
T = 10 pounds
Polo = 14 pounds
Hoddy = 19 pounds
If you would like to add your NAME or A NICK NAME to the shirt I can get that done (depending or the size of your name) for an extra pound.
These I am hoping could be done for Christmas and could make that extra gift you've been looking for.

If you are interested can you please post on here your order, ie,
2 X Polo XL
1 X Hoody S
1 X T M
When I get back from Canada I will check with all at the club that don't use this site and then put the order in.
Mark, if you see this can you take your shirt along and show the racers what they will be buying all be it yours is the worng colour. Oh, and if they ask, we can't get that shirt type any more.
Thanks for now. Off to set up the WCICS, KARZ, track. Yes even out here me and Iain are putting down the carpet and setting out the track. No rest for the wicketed.
The Canadian Gays.

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