Complete BALLS OUT

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Complete BALLS OUT

Post  crazybrit123 on Sat Nov 13, 2010 4:23 am

Back racing after a week away. Why, oh Why, do we pander to the A Final drivers? Some drivers who forget their transponders, race stops for handout one to be put in. Would that happen to the lesser drivers?
Will Ossie ever put a new set of Tyres on his car? and will Ian ever put on Ossie's old pants which he swopped for old tyres? (come on it's just a skid mark Ian).
As for Tim, well, yet another win. Why do we all have to pander to him? Moving over, letting him pass, making out he has the fastest car and someone said we have to let him have the fastest lap and win by 2 laps!!
I want to take this opportunity to launch an appeal. I am going to put out a donation box on the stage for money to buy bars of chocolate for Darren... If we keep feeding him maybe, just maybe, he might just shut up. I have already had a massive donation, so who knows!!
It was nice to see Trigger back racing with us. On that note I have found some lego that just might fit your real car.

OK, I hope you all get that this is all tongue-in-cheek, a bit of fun and I hope you take it as it's meant, banter.

It was nice to see the fun at the club. All the new cars are running well with Tim being dominant there at the moment. Darren is liking his car and seems to have a hold on an A Final position. Mark and Ossie have had difficulties with speedo's but once that is sorted I'm sure they will be back on form. As for Ian and myself we seem to be boring all at the club with, Canada, Canada, Canada!!!!
Did the Spool work? Well for Tim, Yes. Others, well we can't get there with it quite yet.
Wayne, skipped a beat last night. It will come back.
Ok now to Paul, You can drive if you put your put your mind to it and think about what your doing. In the final you kept your cool for 4 mins and drove well. Think about that, you have the ability to do well. (My wife thinks this all sounds a bit patronising - but it's not it is meant to be encouraging)Lol
What was nice to see was all the helpers both putting out and putting away the Track.
We need this to continue.
Well that's it for now.
At Capel we need to keep things moving forward but above all friendly and fun.
Please, please keep the comments flowing and remember the above.
"Enjoy the Drive"


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Re: Complete BALLS OUT

Post  grimidol on Sat Nov 13, 2010 4:51 am

Tounge in whos cheeks tho ???? Very Happy Very Happy
I love Canada.
you bastards who are going i wish you lots of fun Very Happy
was a good track and close racing all the way thro the night come on next weekend Very Happy


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Complete balls out

Post  xrayt2009 on Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:38 am

Great night last night with lots of good banter,

On the subject of racing.

1) I designed the fast flowing track last night
2) I know how the lap counting works ( and can change the laps if needed)

So can somebody explain to me how I ended up in the bloody B-final last night.

I will be back ( well I am goner try)



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Re: Complete BALLS OUT

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