Xtreme-RC comes up trumps

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Xtreme-RC comes up trumps

Post  crazybrit123 on Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:55 am

Hi All,
well the Team at Xtreme-RC have come up trumps with some great deals.
All stock held to this date will stay at the original prices (Pre-VAT increase).
So get in now. When it's gone it's gone.
To ALL club members of Capel RC Car Club the offer of 10% off all Xray spare parts and Protoform body shells. This 10% is off the RRP.
Sorex Tyres............
Hold on to your hat chaps..........
Sorex 28 JB are now £25.50 (RRP = £28)
Sorex 28 RY are now £23.99 (RRP + £25)
Now you may say thats an increase of around 7% (VAT increase was only 2.5%). Well this is down to Schumacher (NOT Xtreme-RC) putting their prices up by this 7%.
Even so this puts Xtreme in a commanding position being the cheapest for tires around.
We now hold Carpet Jack Tire additive (Tins).
Well thats it for now. Keep an eye out at the club for more deals.
Andy and the Xtreme-RC team.


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