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/////////////////// Mini's

Post  SENNA on Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:01 am

Looking at ozzes Car last friday i think we will keep minis as stock only I will talk to mark about
this. Other wise it just starts to get out of hand with spending too much money and we have
touring cars for that. And i have took note as to what is going on at other clubs.

Keep the cost down and have better racing.

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Re: /////////////////// Mini's

Post  grimidol on Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:16 am

this is what east kent are doing this winter. fro mthere web page

Tamiya Minis

Now split into two classes.

Tamiya Minis F1:
Any commercially available sealed can motor with no less than 20 winds (These must be Mabuchi style, sealed motors with enclosed endbells that do not permit changes to brushes, springs or timing)

or new for 2011/2012 - Brushless.

Only the following brushless combo is permitted:

HobbyWing EZRun Series 13T/3650-M Combo

Only the Combo-B1 is permitted which consists of the EZRUN-35A speedo and the 13T@3000KV EZRUN-3650M motor. No other brushless speedos or motors are permitted at this time.

Tamiya Minis F2:
Tamiya silver can, kit standard motors only, aimed at new drivers

Full rules

I will be doing the F1 using the hobbywing as i dont want to have to keep changning motors to keep up with people. i got told last year some changed there motor every race !!!!

Also sidcup are using the same hobbywing B1.

Maritime will be staying as the tuesday night racing altho most people up there feel that hobbywing is the way to go on price over the year is cheaper.
I am cureous what you ean as stock ? no roll bars no oil filled shocks ? what if you buy a pro over the standard kit ? it is still stock ?


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Re: /////////////////// Mini's

Post  crazybrit123 on Fri Aug 26, 2011 5:35 am

Oh well that's Mini racing done for me then.
I don't want keep changing from Brushless for West Kent and then back to Brushed for Capel.
I do see the point but it won't be for me.

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RE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! minis

Post  xrayt2009 on Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:24 am

Ok guys let's not turn this nasty, I have an idea.
In general I have to agree with Tim but I can see what Andy & Darren are talking about in respect of keep
Changing there cars.

Capel has always been relaxed about what we race.
I suggest you race what you want and let's have some fun.

We will not run a championship or award trophies if that's in agreement with

Let's not get to anal with this,changing springs,diffs,motors etc.
Weve all got touring cars for that
My dad is racing the Fiat tonight so all of you beware!!!


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Re: /////////////////// Mini's

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